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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

starvingartist t-shirts
Hey look, it's my first online t-shirt store.

Yeah, it's white fruit-of-the-loom tees (although they do baby-ts and mousepads now) and it's like $15 American... but still, it's a start. A starving artist has to make money somewhere. Oh, the shirt designs are in pixel art format (my specialty, btw).
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The Big Picture
There was one thing that always bothered me about high school math. (No, not *calculus* you smart*beep*.) It was a sense of not knowing, or more importantly, not being told of the big picture.

In biology, we more or less learned about different lifeforms, then we drilled down and learn of their different parts, and then we drilled down to learn what those parts were made out of... and so on. There all these pieces of information that worked together to give you a better understanding of the whole.

But not with math.

(Heck, I didn`t even know we were suppose to remember stuff from the year before.)

So let me show you a secret. Here`s the big picture.
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