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my collection of popular skins

I love skinning. It's pretty fun when you get the hang of it. You'll find my current skins listed (for programs like Winamp, ICQ and more) under my starvingartist username at Deviant Art. And you can download it all for free.

Deviant Art - where art meets application Deviant Art is the biggest and best art, graphic and skinning community out there.
The website has all the best functions, there's lots of new deviations everyday and the admins are the best (and quick to respond compared to other sites). Go visit Deviant Art today!

ICQ Plus
The ultra popular instant messaging program, ICQ, is now skinnable thanks to ICQ Plus, a separate add-on. The following are several skins I've made. Cold Mettle for ICQ Plus
  • Antiseptic
  • Cold Mettle
  • Sakura
  • Angel
  • Astrophysics
  • Mettle I
  • Mettle II
  • Mettle III
  • ICQ Messenger Service
  • Whistler
  • Windows XP
  • Macintosh Messenger Service
  • OS X Messenger Service
  • Nav Instant Messenger
  • MSN Messenger 6
  • Formula One (for CommunitySkin)

View and download ICQ Plus skins

The ultra popular mp3 player, Winamp, is one of the best skinnable media players out there. The following are several skins I've made. DDR [XTC] for Winamp
  • Antiseptic
  • Cold Mettle
  • Mettle
  • Windows Media
  • Sakura
  • Dance Dance Revolution [XTC]
  • Tweak3D (for Tweak3D.net)

View and download Winamp skins

The ultra popular Internet Explorer skinner, Themeb... ah forget it...
  • Internet Explorer Mac 4.5
  • Internet Explorer Mac 5.0
  • DDR

View and download themebar skins

Windows Icons in 32x32 and 16x16 sizes. Make sure you check out and download the additional bonus icons.
  • Antiseptic Console Icons
  • Antiseptic Program Icons
  • Antiseptic File Types Icons
  • Antiseptic System Icons

View and download Icons

  • Cold Mettle for ColorPad
  • Cold Mettle for ControlBar
  • Cold Mettle for Tetrinet
  • Cold Mettle for Windows Media Player
  • Nightfall for Tetrinet
  • Tetris for Tetrinet

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Visit my gallery at Deviant Art.
It showcases all the work I've uploaded at the site.

starvingartist's gallery at Deviant Art

Skins FAQ
I get tons of email regarding my skins, icons, and other artwork. Along the way, I've gotten some great comments and suggestions. Seeing how a lot of emails ask similar questions, I'll try to cover them here.

Please read this before you email me to ask a question as it'll be faster for the both of us. =)

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