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Welcome to Stanley Sy's website.


a portfolio of sites i've created

I've been working on web design for several years. The following featured websites have been my ongoing experiments in using new technology and adopting new styles.

I usually code HTML in a text editor and do my graphics work in Adobe Photoshop. These websites featured my use of technologies such as XML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, Java, VRML, Flash and Real Audio to provide a better user experience.

I test my websites against most of the popular browser versions, display resolutions and OS platforms. Now that there's lots of viable web standards browsers available, it's been a lot more fun to code (Although I miss all the problem solving Netscape 4 gave me, heh heh.)

Personal Sites
These are my favorite sites. A bunch of them were made in the "frontier" days of the Internet. This is back when Netscape Navigator 2.01 was all the rage.

Corporation/Organization Sites

Work-in-Progress Sites
These sites may have partial mosaics because they are either under construction or under NDA

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