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Welcome to Stanley Sy's website.


free popular skins for themebar

The ultra popular Internet Explorer skinner, Themebar, lets you change the look of your toolbars background, icons and more! The following are several skins I've made.

If you have any questions skins, make sure you read the Skins FAQ.

Themebar (freeware) lets you change the look of both Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. You can change more than 64 toolbar icons, add different toolbar backgrounds or even change the throbber animation. Go to the Themebar website for more details!

Preview Internet Explorer Macintosh
A collection of MS IE 4.5 Mac and MS IE 5.0 Mac themes, skins, toolbars and animation. Includes Grape, Lime, PowerBook Black and Blueberry flavors.

Preview Skin
Download at Deviant Art

Preview Dance Dance Revolution [XTC]
A bright, high-energy, dynamic theme for your browser to matches my Dance Dance Revolution winamp skin. Includes theme, animation, skin and toolbars.

Preview Skin
Download Unavailable

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