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Friday, May 03, 2002

I just watched Spider-man. Amazing movie. Go watch it!

Toronto Star: 4 Stars. The movie critic kinda dwelved into the whole "symbolic sexual awakening" a bit too much though.
Globe and Mail: 3 Stars.

Hmm... there's been a lot of articles about comic books lately, especially with the release of the Spider-man movie. I've been collecting news articles about comic books for a while now. Toronto Star actually had an X-Men story in the Life section back on Saturday, Sept 10, 1994, with an extremely sweet Jim Lee pinup as a picture. The same photo was used in a July 22, 2000 issue of the National Post (I told you I collected this stuff...) I'm glad to see more media coverage over comics.

Globe and Mail had one today that talked about a new comic era... it wasn't too horribly accurate, pinning down the release of DK2 and the elimination of the comics code by Marvel (which is what most of the article was discussing) as the spark. DK2 and the MAX line of PG comic books aren't that good. On the Marvel side (which is the only side they discussed in the article), it's the better stories and the freedom Marvel has given to the authors to play around with the characters. Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimates, New X-Men, Origin and more are all good stories.

Oh yeah... tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Go there, type you postal/area code and find the closes participating comic book store. =)
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