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Thursday, May 17, 2001

One day we're gonna make it right.
One day we're gonna win this fight.
- Econoline Crush
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Sunday, May 13, 2001

Whoa, what's happening to X-Men? I mean the "Comic X-Men", not the "Action Figure/Movie/TV/Cartoon X-Men". It use to be simple... there was Uncanny X-Men and later there was the adjectiveless X-Men.

To be honest, I've never bought the comics till last year. But I've been reading about the characters in Wizard and collected X-Men trading cards drawn by Jim Lee for years now. (Jim Lee, btw, is the greatest X-Men artist ever! Just thought I'd mention that.)

Anyway, last year's run of issues started off with a bang (starting with X-Men #100! [image]). First it was the return of Chris Claremount; one of best writers of the X-Men was actually back writing more! Next was the sweet looking art by Leinil Francis Yu. His style is almost as good as Jim Lee, and it finally made X-Men look more realistic and gritty. (Previously, X-Men was tranformed into a horrible cartoonish manga style by the likes of Joe Mad.)

But somehow, something went wrong halfway through last year, and the once high flying concept of the next evolution of mutants sorta faded into the background and messed up continuity along the way. That's when I stopped buying X-Men comics.

Now, X-Men is promising something new again. They've hired some of the best talent in the biz. They've changed the team. Shifted the characters around. I'll tell you what happens later... =)
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