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Saturday, May 05, 2001

"Newspaper Addicts Find Heaven"
(A12, Globe and Mail, 5/01/01)

It's true.

And, being a news junkie, I'm loving it. In T.O., we've got the The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post and er, Toronto Sun.

The Globe's news coverage is pretty good. The style and layout is easy on the eyes too. And I love the Social Studies section at the backcover of each weekday issue (A gold mine for weird trivia and great useless facts). Their Automotive section is laden with want ads between articles though, and their sports section is pretty weak.

The Star's been doing a lot of "investigative reports" type stories lately (and they constantly remind you of this in their own newspapers). Seeing how it's a local paper, it's more down-to-earth and the stories are more personal.

The Post isn't that bad. Seeing how it was developed from the Financial Post, there's way too much money related stuff in it. Their Weekend Post section is pretty good though. Lots of offbeat articles.

The Sun is actually a tabloid... oh well, I don't even go near that horrible thing...

So we have all these newspapers, plus these free transit papers (Metro, GTA Today, FYI) and then there's the internet news sites. I love reading each and every one... er, except for the Sun.

Damn... so that's where all my time goes.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Who Watches the Watchmen?
I bought a cool new book.
Actually, it's a comic book, in paper-back.
It's called Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

It deconstructs the traditional superhero by placing them in a realistic world. There's so much emphasis on cause-and-effect, time and relationships. Something small that had happened several issues back has direct consequences.

It's really good.
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Here with Me
In my head, I have dreams
I have visions of many things
Questions, longings in my mind...
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