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“...In 1994, All-4-One released their first single, So Much In Love...
...the song expressed the feelings of undying love...”

The Group

A little info about the guys!

Tony Borowiak
Birthday: October 12, 1972
Hometown: California City, California
Favorite Color: Blue
Lucky Number: 32
Favorite Musicians/Bands: New Edition & Boys II Men
Favorite Song: With You All The Way (New Edition)
Most Admired People: His Parents

Alfred Nevarez
Birthday: May 17, 1973
Hometown: Mojave, California
Favorite Colors: Red, Black & Burgundy
Lucky Number: 56
Favorite Musicians/Bands: Comission, Take 6 & Brian McKnight
Favorite Songs: Too many to mention.
Most Admired Person: God

Jamie Lamar Jones
Birthday: November 26, 1974
Hometown: Palmdale, California
Favorite Color: Green
Lucky Number: 26
Favorite Musicians/Bands: Prince, Stevie Wonder & Donny Hathaway
Favorite Songs: Purple Rain, Knocks Me Off My Feet, Where Is The Love
Most Admired People: His Parents

Birthday: December 21, 1970
Hometown: All over the world, 'cause his dad was in the Air Force
Favorite Colors: Grey & Blue
Lucky Number: 21
Favorite Musicians/Bands: Boyz II Men, Temptations, Jets & Culcha
Favorite Songs: Purple Rain & anything by Olivia, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and Patti Labelle
Most Admired People: His Parents