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* - indicates a midi file available for the song.
[ ] - indicates an updated song.

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August 5, 2001
Fuel's Bad Day is currently one of my favorite songs at the moment. And Joydrop's new single off their new albums is very good. Check them out. We also have a couple of "classics" including some stuff by Brian McKnight and Lonestar. Oh, check out Utada Hikaru's amazing track if you haven't done so. =)

Fuel, Bad Day;
Joydrop, Sometimes Wanna Die;
Lonestar, Amazed;
[Utada Hikaru, First Love*;]
[Brian McKnight, Back At One*;]

July 29, 2001
New web address ( ) !
New songs!

Lots of great songs this round. We've got two Ushers here, one being the R&B "Usher" and the second being David Usher from one of my favorite alternative bands, Moist. We also have two UK groups this update, BBMak and Westlife. We also got two other unique sounding love songs, one from Enya and the other from category-busting Bran Van 3000. Added from a suggestion in our message board is a track from Jim Brickman and, finally, also added is a song from 'N Sync's new Celebrity album.

BBMak, Ghost Of You And Me;
Bran Van 3000, Astounded;
Jim Brickman, Destiny;
Enya, Only Time;
'N Sync, Something Like You;
Usher, U Remind Me;
David Usher, Alone In The Universe;
Westlife, Swear It Again;

May 27, 2001
It's been quiet over here for a while. But as you can see, we've made some huge overhauls!

First off, we've recoded the site from scratch. Looking back, the website started way back in 1997. And since then, there were hardly any changes to the existing code. A lot of advances in browser technology has happened since then, and if you're using Internet Explorer, you'll find funky new controls for font sizes, autoplay and volume controls. And the site remembers your choices via cookies. Web standards browsers (Internet Explorer 5.5+, Netscape 6, Opera 5) will get an enhanced printer friendly page (black text, no graphics) whenever pages are printed. Overall, we've removed graphics, added some fancy navigation coding and basically made everything look nicer.

Secondly, we've added a few new sections. I hope you'll like the new messageboard, shoutboxes and eCards, although they're all at different stages of "under construction" at the moment. The new messageboard will be a great place to meet new people and share song lyrics.

I hope you like the new-look Love Songs website. We'll slowly work on converting the rest of the site while giving you new songs =)

Backstreet Boys, More Than That*;
Ja Rule, Put It On Me*;
Lifehouse, Hanging By A Moment;
Plumb, Here With Me;
S Club 7, Never Had A Dream Come True;
[Bryan Adams, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You*;]
[Jacksoul, Somedays;]

December 17, 2000
Merry Christmas to every one! Lots of great songs this update. Lots of new songs and a couple of classics.

Check out Jacksoul's Somedays. It's an amazing song. Jacksoul's been around for a while, but I think this is their first album that infused a bit more catchy pop tunes into their usual blues style. And it works out very well.

Also take a look at the new single, A Love Before Time by Coco Lee. It is the featured song from the Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon soundtrack (Time magazine calls it the best movie of 2000).

A new band called b4-4 didn't really impress me at first with their first two singles, but their third single "Everyday" was amazing. I'll be featuring another great songs by them soon.

98 Degrees, My Everything;
b4-4, Everyday;
Backstreet Boys, I Need You Tonight*;
Boyz II Men, Thank U In Advance;
Counting Crows, A Long December*;
Dan Hill, Sometimes When We Touch*;
Jacksoul, Somedays;
Coco Lee, A Love Before Time;
Puff Daddy feat. R. Kelly, Satisfy You;
Sisqo, Incomplete;
TLC, I Miss You So Much;
Westlife, My Love;

July 23, 2000
Lots of good songs out lately. Everyone knows that music is an international language, so what better way to showcase this with a great Japanese song called First Love by Utada Hikaru. Even if you don't understand the words, you'll feel the emotions with this song.

Special thanks to Tuan "Solace" Nguyen for giving me some footage from the music video. Solace, btw, is from Tweak3D (The number one source for tweaking your computer!) and he has written some great hardware articles there. =)

Another amazing song is I Wanna Be With You. This song was co-written by Plumb - that amazing artist that I've been trying to hype these last couple of months. =)

Christina Aguilera's We're A Miracle is a song I missed out on a while back. It was released on the first Pokemon album, and I think it's one of her best songs =)

Christina Aguilera, I Turn To You*; (Fixed)
Christina Aguilera, We're A Miracle;
Marc Anthony, You Sang To Me*;
Utada Hikaru, First Love;
Brian McKnight, Back At One*;
Mandy Moore, I Wanna Be With You*;

May 7, 2000
Big Update!
Sorry for the late update... I've finally finish my exams so I have time to work on this site again. Lots of music and pictures for this update.

Christina Aguilera, I Turn To You*;
Faith Hill, Breathe*;
Joe, I Wanna Know*;
Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige, You're All I Need;
'N Sync, This I Promise You*;
Smashing Pumpkins, Perfect*;
The Cure, Lovesong*;

March 19, 2000
Female artist special!
The lyrics to Plumb's Stranded have been fixed! I just bought their new album "candycoatedwaterdrops" and it's amazing!! If you have the same taste as me, then you'll like it too =P Go check out the band at plumbinfo

Mariah Carey, Thank God I Found You*;
Chantal Kreviazuk, Before You;
Plumb, Stranded;
Jessica Simpson, I Wanna Love You Forever*;
Britney Spears, From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart*;

February 12, 2000
Happy Birthday Val! - Stanley
Here are more than 30 songs updated this time with music! ...Just in time for Valentine's Day! This took a long time to do! Enjoy! =)
Make sure you e-mail and message your friends about our site! Thanks!

Savage Garden, I Knew I Loved You*;

4 P.M., Sukiyaki*;
98 Degrees, Because Of You*;
98 Degrees, The Hardest Thing*;
98 Degrees, I Do (Cherish You)*;
Tatyana Ali, Daydreamin'*;
Allure featuring 112, All Cried Out*;
Babyface, When Can I See You Again*;
Backstreet Boys, I'll Never Break Your Heart*;
Backstreet Boys, I Want It That Way*;
Barenaked Ladies, One Week*;
Brandy, Sittin' Up In My Room*;
Brandy, Have You Ever*;
Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On*;
Foo Fighters, Walking After You*;
Goo Goo Dolls, Iris*;
Janet Jackson, I Get Lonely*;
R. Kelly, If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time*;
LL Cool J featuring Boyz II Men, Hey Lover*;
Kenny Loggins, Forever*;
Jennifer Lopez, If You Had My Love*;
Sarah McLachlan, Angel*;
Monica, For You I Will*;
Sixpence None The Richer, Kiss Me*;
Rod Stewart, Have I Told You Lately**;
Britney Spears, ...Baby One More Time*;
Britney Spears, Sometimes*;
Smash Mouth, Can't Get Enough Of You Baby*;
The Cure, Mint Car*;
Shania Twain, You're Still The One*;
Shania Twain, You've Got A Way*;

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