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Breakdown overview

Jessica A r e   y o u   r e a d y
f o r   t h i s ?

L e t ' s   c h e c k
o u t   w h a t   t h e
d i g e s t i v e   s y s t e m
h a s   t o   o f f e r !

o v e r v i e w

Not a definite listing of all the organs function, this overview helps to guide you select the organ you would like to learn more about. (Hi! It's me Jess, again! There's lots of places to start... find something that interests you. Over and out!)

The first part in a series of processes to digest food, the mouth is responsible for a variety of initial chemical and physical digestion. (This is where it all begins!)

This part is responsible for transporting food down to the stomach. (Check this out to see how food goes down!)

This is where all the food is stored while being broken down physically, as food is churned, and chemically, as gastric juices act upon the food. (It's one big breakdown machine!)

Various substances that break down food are secreted from this organ. It is also responsible for maintaining homeostasis in other organs. (Minor organ?? I think not!)

Essentially acting as a processor for all the food, it absorbs and transports various life essential substances. (As it says, it's essential for life!)

This part is responsible for producing bile. (Wonder what bile is? Find out now!)

small intestines
A long, tubular organ, it is responsible for the absorbtion of various molecules (It's one long coil of fun!)

large intestines
The reabsorbtion of water and the storage area of feces takes place here. (This is where all the leftover stuff ends up. Yum!)

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