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Having technical difficulty? New to using the web? This is the place to go.

This is a webpage viewed through a web browser. Underlined hyperlinks are used to navigate the webpage. Using a mouse, underlined hyperlinks can be click to move the current webpage to a new page. This website containing webpages uses a frames-based navigation system where links located on the left of the screen remain on the screen at all times.

Sections of the digestive system are found in the links located on the left of the screen.

The sitemap tool is a comprehensive display of all the pages found in the website.

To find a topic, use the search tool found on the links located on the left of the screen.

The glossary gives definitions to various words found in this website.

Use the references section to find internet links to various related websites and a list of resources used.

The feedback section allows you to provide your comments by signing the guestbook. You can also view comments made by other people by viewing the guestbook. This section also allows you to contact the creators of the website.

Help is the section you are currently using.

About breakdown is a backstage and technical view of this website.

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