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Monday, March 18, 2002

deviantART Pixel Art Contest Winner
Woo hoo! I won a contest at deviantART for my deviantIcons x-small submission. =)

The winning entry to the contest was created by none other than starvingartist with his deviantIcons x-small entry. Their size, simplicity and obviousness are what we ended up liking the most about them.

In the next day, or so, the use of these icons on the site will become quite evident. Those who were curious and need to satisfy their thirst for information will have to continually reload the page in hopes that the icons will suddenly, and magically, appear on the site.

starvingartist has won himself a nifty 6 month subscription to deviantART for his exceptionally well crafted pixel work. Thanks Stanley ... you da man!

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