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Wednesday, July 04, 2001

D'oh! D'oh! D'oh!
Hmm... seems like everything that could go wrong went wrong in the past month...

First off, my computer got messed up. That means I couldn't go online, upload new skins or even update my websites like Love Songs.

After 3 weeks of wrangling with my computer (and getting lots of help from my friends, Tuan and Mark) I find out that Aftertalk, and Listbot are all closing down at some point.

Aftertalk is the nifty external script that calls a site-wide instant messenger. It use to be on the bottom left-hand side of my site. is the site hosting this site. *Crap* I'll probably move to Tripod or something... and I was starting to like this place...

Listbot is the mail announcement list service by Microsoft. (I use it to update people -- 800+ people to be exact -- on new songs at the Love Songs site...)

I gotta figure this all out and what I should do in the meantime... d'oh...
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